Wednesday, January 2, 2008


2008, wow, i have to remember that when I start writing dates on my exercise books. What would i probably do this year... hmm maybe work my butt of studying for SPM, pass Grade 8 piano this time.. blah blah blah, long story short, I expect 2008 to be 90% stress and 10% fun. What joy! With Sue Hsien and Taira gone, school wouldnt be as fun as when they were there.
Sigh, Sue Hsien with all her boy problems, listening to them does make me kinda bored but at least she tells me all her experiences with the opposite sex. Haha, I probably would stay single for a while.
And Taira with her German dictionary, let me tell you, speaking German aint all that easy. Besides, she lives on the same country as Michael Ballack. How cool is that? Probably not to you..
Anyways, I promise to start studying daily from now on and stop after SPM, hmm only 11 months of studying out of 12? What Joy!

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