Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Shall We Ask Her?

"Good morning," I wished them.
"Hello, please take a seat."
(i grabbed a chair to sit)
"So it says here that you wanna be a dentist. Why?"
"Well, its a very fulfilling job being able to help people with their physical appearance and their oral health. I'm a science person and artistic at the same time. So things like scaling the teeth and realigning the teeth..."
(she started laughing)
"...utilizes the artist's touch," I said with a smile.
"But why dentistry? Having to look into people's teeth and all?"
" Well, i go to this really good dentist..."
" I have a really good dentist too, who is your dentist?"
" Her name is ********** from Sri Hartamas, and she always tells me how nice her job is and all "
" Oh I think I've heard of her, so shes really good with child psychology?
"Yeah" I smiled again.
" So do you keep your teeth cleaned?"
" Yeah, i brush and floss everyday, " :)
"Lets be honest here, you probably are looking into other colleges right?"
" No, I only applied for a scholarship at ************."
" But why *******?"
" Because I have friends who study here and they tell me that the A-Levels here is really good," I said.

This was what I had to go through today. My very first interview, well my first important one at least. I was pretty scared, had butterflies in my stomach. But they were pretty nice, although they seem to think that being a dentist is a crappy job or somethin. They asked lots of questions but I'm too lazy to type. But I think I made this one mistake when I left, I forgot to put back the chair that I was sitting on to its original position. Ah well, at least now I would remember it for the rest of my life.

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