Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Holiday Diary

Since Aveena thinks that posting tags on my blog doesn't count as an update, I guess I will write somethin :P

Feel that 1 month of holidays is waaaay to short, haha, i know, crazy but time seems to fly soo fast! Am I the only one feeling this??

What I did during the Holidays, so far :P
1. Went to a Youth Enrichment Seminar after Eunice begged me to, she is sooo persuasive :P
Kept on asking her bout the toilet conditions cuz yea, I probably have OCD when it comes to toilets :P But I had a greeeaat time there, it was reaally uplifting! What a good way to spend the holidays :) Sang hymns, learned about God's word and met great people.

2. Went out with Sue Sann, who just came back from Singapore :) ASEAN scholarship, haizz :P
Talked, ate sushi and walked loaads cuz she wanted to buy a bday present for a friend :P Then we ate some doughnuts and I let Aveena have the bigger piece, aahahaha! Ok, I admit, Big Apple's doughnuts are pretty good, but will it kill them to put the nutrition facts?! :P I do wanna know how much saturated fats my gut is absorbing :D

3. Went out with the Ong sisters, Goeh Soon and Sandra to have lunch at Ikea. Cant believe they haven't eaten there before :P Love the Swedish meat balls, mmm :) Then went to buy Ikea's ice cream with Sandiee, 1 buck only!! Intended on watching Drag me to Hell but the Ong sisters were too afraid and bailed on us! :P So Sandie and I watched Night at the Museum which is not as funny as the 1st one..

4. Went to the Curve with college friends, ate sushi again :P The food was awesome, but seriously expensive aakk, didn't dare order popcorn after that :P Watched 17 Again since LOLAA didn't want to watch Drag me to Hell :P Haizzzz. But despite having to look at Zac Efrons mucho blueek face (sorry, just hate him) the movie was pretty good, better than I had expected, and ok, Zac Efron is a good actor...I will wash this keyboard later... Said bye to Juliana cuz shes leaving HELP. Soooo gonna miss her random laughing and her match making business :P THANKS FOR EVERYTHINGG JUJU!! :)

5. Going off to Penang soon, the asam laksa is just 5 hours away!!!

So far that's what I have been doing, I know you envy me :P But after the holidays, its back to studying like a pig. So I will embrace and cherish this period of rest, thank you very much :)

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