Friday, February 6, 2009


Its really surprising that the weather in KL nowadays is pretty cold (22 degrees Celsius at night). Normally, the sun would be glaring and the weather would be humid this time of the year. But of course I'm not complaining, just find it a lil weird.
Speaking of the weather, u know those dark thunder clouds that cartoonists draw above heads of people who feel moody and angry? i feel like my moral and physics teacher should have one of those above their heads. Why, u might ask?
1. The are annoyed most of the time
2. They are freakishly egoistic
3. He doesn't seem to have much moral ethics ( yes, its the moral teacher who doesn't practice what he preaches)
4. He is so childish ( the physics teacher that said WHATEVA to me when I corrected him during an experiment. Someone might be suffering from a mid age crisis...)
Wonder how they turned out that way.... Maybe its the subjects they teach that made them like this, and that is no surprise to me!

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