Monday, April 6, 2009

Race of Rights

My friends and I signed up for this race of rights thing organised by a club in my college. Its not the running till u pant kinda race, instead its something like the amazing race but more tiring since we only rely on public transport (taxis not included) to get to our destinations. We walked lots, all around KL finding for suspects and looking for clues. They made us do tasks before they gave us a clue to solve the mystery. There was one task where the dude, asked us to take a picture of the side of the high court and the centre of the high court, also known as Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. And when we completed it, the mean dude who gave the task told us that we had to be in the picture which he didn't mention before! We were so pissed that we started laughing hysterically cuz we were too tired to beat him up :P So we had to walk there all over again, with the scorching hot sun beaming on our heads. To top that off, that wasn't the only task he required us to do and we were running short of time. So he adviced us not to continue cuz it would be impossible to finish the 2nd and 3rd tasks with the amount of time we had left to get back to the finish line. So Mr Meanie, we spent another 30 minutes repeating the task while having to walk in the scorching hot sun for nothing?!
Other than that, we had lots of fun, we went from Bangsar to Kota Raya to Pasar Seni and then to Masjid Jamek. Kinda surprised that we didn't get lost :P Although we didn't have time to go to KLCC to look for a shoe or Times Square to look for Suspect 3, it was a really interesting experience, took a Rapid KL bus for the 1st time :P We even managed to drink the air mata kuching at Petaling Street which is the best eva! Well, that's what my dad said, and I agree :P But we had some scary moments as well, like when I was walking, this beggar holding a pack of cigarettes was coming up to me with a huge smile on his face expecting me to give him some money. I was really scared cuz he made some weird noises that forced me to get at the back of my guy friend who was like a shield to all of us since we were a 3 girl one guy team. Then the crazy beggar dude pretended like nothing happened and went off! My friend also saw this random guy ready to let down his pants next to her and so she quickly pulled my guy friend in front of her for protection :P Only in the city you can experience freaky stuff like these! Visit KL 2009 :D
From all that walking ( 10 to 4, mind you) its no surprise that I suffered muscle cramps the next day :P I don't think we are gonna win the 800 bucks but it was definitely a priceless experience I'll never forget.

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