Friday, April 3, 2009

I Want it That Way

Every time I listen to fly fm, songs by the Backstreet Boys would never fail to come up... And every time they do, I'll be all nostalgic, thinking about the 90s and how unpolluted the lyrics were. Like seriously, the lyrics to the songs today are rubbish, mean nothing and unsoulful. They don't mean anything cuz they are all about dancing in the club or looking at hot chicks and don't get me started on the music videos. On the other hand, songs by the Backstreet Boys, are so meaningful, although its mostly about love :P Their songs are melodious and so evergreen! My friend and I would randomly sing 'I want it that way' whether we are in class or at the bus or just to annoy a certain someone :P If only song like these are played more frequently and if only the public favour songs that are meaningful rather than songs that are violent or imply women as mere objects of pleasure. Therefore, I have decided to add songs by the Backstreet Boys to my playlist to remind me of how songs of past were and will always be. Those who like the Backstreet Boys say I!

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