Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blood Donation Drive

Man, forgot to update on the blood donation drive :P Well surprisingly, there were 80 donors in total and there were more donors than there were blood bags :P It was an interesting experience, got to see how the nurses took out blood from the donor's veins, hehe. I like gruesome stuff so..
Step 1 : The nurse will poke your finger with a needle to withdraw two drops of blood. The nurse would test your blood with 2 solutions. So if your blood drop turns bright red when it is reacts with the solutions then its a green light for you

Step 2: The nurse will then check your blood pressure and if its too low, they will ask you to walk first before you can donate and if your bp is high, you end your adventure here

Step 3: You will lie down on a bed, and that is when the action starts. Sadly, I forgot how it starts but all i know is that your blood will get transferred to a bag by a tube. You will have to endure this for 20 minutes so you have just enough time to reflect on your past mistakes in life


Yeah, I probably wont be donating blood soon. Besides, I'm under aged till 2010 :P
Oh, and I went to give out tracks again...haha, lets just say a 14 year old did better than me :P

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