Friday, March 20, 2009

Have a Flyer

7.00 Got back from college.
7.30 Rushed to eat and the doorbell rang, it was Sandra! Then one after another the rest of our church youths came.
9.00 Headed to Tropicana City to distribute flyers about the blood donation drive that our church is having. I felt, REJECTED when people didn't want to take the flyers I tried handing out :( I only manage to give tracks to like what, 5 people!?! Ohhh, was my spirit dampen! To top that off, I saw some of the flyers on the floor! For goodness gracious, fellow Malaysians, please do not litter and at least respect the flyer by throwing it into a proper place, hmmm, i think its called a RUBBISH BIN! Sometimes I get the feeling that Malaysians think that trash cans are for decorative purposes only...Now I have learned my lesson: Happily accept flyers from workers/ sales people.
11.00 Was at Goeh Soon's car listening to songs, and that is when he started to show off his vocals, hehe. He claimed that he could sing My Immortal by Evenesence (those of you who don't know, the song is verrrry high pitched, normally sung by girls :P) And Sandra and I were WOWed by his vocals, a lil creepy but man, he can hit the high notes better than me! Sandra and I were speechless but we were laughing lots :D
11.30 Went to a housing area to distribute tracks in the middle of the night. People would probably think we are crazy or somethin... We broke off into teams and went to distribute the tracks. Some of the houses had scary dogs barking as if they sensed danger so I didn't dare put the flyers into the mailbox. I made Goeh Soon do it :D Then there was this creepy house filled with plants and creepers. The gate was covered by a huge bush. The bedroom windows were covered with vines, man, talk about privacy. It wont be surprising if they have plants inside the house as well.
12.00 Said bye to Michelle, Chi Leong and King Sien (not sure how to spell his name :P) and Goeh Soon, Sandra and I headed to a mamak restaurant and talked about life. Goeh Soon the love guru advised us on relationship matters and we had an interesting chat. I guess its not easy dating people outside the church.
Went back at 12.30 and slept like a pig. I had fun and fellowship so its all good. Hopefully the blood donation drive would be a success!

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