Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Sun Before the Storm

Today is the last day before I get my SPM results... And honestly, I didn't realise it until today when my friend reminded me about it, hehehe. Well I'm not gonna be emo and sad, in fact, I'm actually pretty emotionless now. Maybe that's cuz I had the funnest day ever today before I have to face my worst nightmare. Hmm, lets see what I did...
1. Went for lunch, then ice cream at McDs
2. Went to this cyber cafe and played pool and fuzzball there. I don't recommend anyone to go there unless you wanna experience second hand smoking or darkness or the smell of cigarettes on your clothes :P
3. Took pictures with my friends, posing with the pool stick :P
4. Went back to college to played more fuzzball and ping pong
5. We were late for class cuz our class was supposed to be at another block, so we had to walk in the rain with raindrops falling on our heads
6. Felt a huge gush of wind blowing at us, thought that I was gonna be Mary Poppin's umbrella :P

Well with all that excitement, I'm hoping that it would take my mind off a certain something, and thankfully, its successfully working, for now. Uh, just hope that I can sleep tonight :P

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