Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tagged by Eunice

Rules: Write your ten wishes, then tag more than 10 people.

I wish:
1. I could go to heaven
2. My family, relatives and everyone that I care about could go to heaven
3. I could have a good husband, I know, corny :P
4. I didn't get picked for NS :(
5. I have dog that poos in the toilet, so I wont have to pick up its droppings :D
6. I could make tiramisu, my fav dessert eva!
7. For an electric guitar
8. People wont say the F word or hell cuz hell is real to me
9. I could see Andrea more often and not just once a year
10.I had 10 more wishes :D

I tag:
Sue Hsien
Wei Lyn

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