Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Day

Got my SPM results, and I'm so HAPPPPYYYYYYY!!! Cant believe my results, its like living in a dream world or somethin. Till, now I still cant believe it! My heart was pounding so hard like it was ready to burst out. My history teacher gave me that 'I cant hide it any longer smile'. And when I saw my results I wanted to break down in tears. Fortunately for the camera man, my mouth was open as wide as a cow when I saw the white piece of paper with my grades on it, all subjects having the same grade! I was so happy!!! Oh thank you God!! My grandma even told me she prayed everyday that I might be able to pass with flying colors.
So Aveena and I headed out to the foyer, and there comes this news reporter and a camera man wanting to interview people who got good results. Then Aveena and her BIG MOUTH (:P) told them my results, and then the reporter INSISTED that she interview me. Ahhhrrrrrrggghhhhhhh! Aveena is gonna get it!!! Man, I probably looked like some sweating emotional pig trying to think of what to say to the camera lens.
All in all, I was pretty happy, a still cant believe it and never will experience.

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