Thursday, September 17, 2009


I passed piano grade 8...
I passed piano grade 8...
After failing it twice and failed grade 7 three times, (i didn't pass grade 7)
I passed piano grade 8

I just cannot believe it, after 5 consecutive years of failing, I passed!!!
I guess the saying is true,

if you fail to succeed the first time, try try again- my dad's mantra, not mine.

Yesss, now I can get to play another musical instrument, like the ELECTRIC GUITARRRR!!! hehehe. But with all the college work piling up and all that studying, I think I should put my dreams of being a rock star on hold :P It is, after all a dream :P (nah, i don't really wanna be a rock star, they all die young :S)

I have two measly days of holidays before I have to:
1. Sit for UKCAT
2. Ace a chemistry paper
3. Make a UN speech about gays n politics :S
4. Apply for Ucas
5. Complete my personal statement

Since I'm not that kinda person who freaks out and gets stressed over the copious amounts of work piling up, I am probably going to watch more tv until I feel like looking at another chemical equation.

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