Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oi, Updated! :P

Man, its been a looong time since I blogged :P Sorry, but I was and still am suuuper busy with homework, studying, and applying to universities. Its seriously hectic, so much to do so little time. But thank goodness I'm done with applying to universities :P

Went to a Model United Nations Conference and discussed about politics and gay rights. It was pretty intimidating at first witnessing how the fluent speakers spoke with such conviction and confidence. But I said to myself, aaah, just pretend to be as pro as them, they don't have to know that this is actually my first time doing this sort of thing.It was definitely a cool experience despite the fact that there was this sick weirdo doing something he shouldn't have done. Freak...

Moving on, my bio teacher had a talk with the whole class. Here are some of the things she said...

Study hard, don't waste time, no leisure activities, even one minute is important, don't think because you aced the first test means that you would do well for the second, I'm very disappointed in you class...a levels determines your life, think of your children (?!?!?!)

Think of my children?!?! Dangggg, not even married and I already have a responsibility to my future children?!? Now can you see how stressed I am? I have to think about my children and THEIR education :S

So I think I better hit the books now cuz I don't want my children to suffer poverty and die of hunger and starvation in the future.
And just because I have a physics book with me everywhere I go doesn't mean that I'm a nerd. Nerds understand what they are reading, so calling me a nerd is definitely an understatement :P

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