Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have neverrr everrrrr been treated so horribly in my entire life!!
Just yesterday, I went to this hawker joint near my college to have lunch with my friends. As we entered the place, this 'friendly' waiter who owns one of the food stalls helped us find a place to sit. Then he asked us what we wanted to drink, but we didn't feel like ordering any beverages.
Then he was all, "If you don't wanna buy any drinks, you guys can't sit here since you profit me nothing".
I WAS FLABBERGASTED!! (the bald dude said waaaat?!)
One minute he acted all kind and nice, the next minute he dumped us like stray dogs! Well that's what it felt like..
Seriously, why can't people be nice because they want to and not because they intend to gain something in return? What happened to people being human?! What happened to being courteous and morally good?!?!
Did the love of money do this to him? Or is his ginormous head malfunctioning due to a lack of hair that fails to shield his head from UV radiation causing his brain cells to be working less effectively?!
Even science can't answer that.
I was mad when I went to sleep last night...
Wanted to slap his bald head left right and center, like what they do to the naughty bald kid from My Wife and Kids...but harder.. =S

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