Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Supposed to be sleeping now but, tomorrow college starts at 12 soo :D I'm happy!
But the yucky thing is that I'm going for a blood test..have to piss in a cup -.- and yes, i have no shame in writing that for everyone to see since its a fact..I have to get used to this kind of stuff if I want to be a good doc :P Still, I'm not too excited about that..
So valentines day is coming up, and I am being bugged with the same question profusely,
"Who is your valentine?" "Got a valentine??"
And my answer will be something sarcastic like...plentiful
But whats with this day anyway...is it the only day out of 365 days that you would take the trouble to buy roses and chocolates? oh, other than birthdays and anniversaries of course :P Shouldn't everyday be valentines?? Come to think of it, if that were to happen, there would be built in pocket holes on men's trousers. I read an article about love awhile ago, and it definitely changed my perception on the topic.
Love ain't about showering people with flowers, love ain't about candlelight dinners, love is about sacrifice. sacrificial love, is what I learn in bible class, and it definitely applies to everyone. Love is about going through the hard times, willing to do favors for your partner despite being absolutely reluctant to do so. And the smile of appreciation on the person's face just makes it all worth it. That is what I call love...from a person with the least experience in this topic :P
But dont be all corny saying stuff like, I will swim the atlantic for you, I will protect you and care for you till the end of time =.= like people are not capable of taking care of themselves :P
Oh, my bed is calling me now, time to cut this post short...bottom line is: love is blind and deaf
happy early valentines :D

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