Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melbourne and Cousin

Wow, its been a looong time since I have posted something on my anymone reads it anyway :P
But since my exams are finally over and I'm basically rotting on my couch, I guess I should make my time a lil more worth while :P
Went to Melbourne recently to visit my relatives. Im terms of the environment, I didn't enjoy it very much. The weather was dreadfully cold and so were the toilet seats, the clothes were expensive, shops close so early in the afternoon, dfo (direct factory outlets) were a waste of time and there was nothing to see in the city. I guess thats because Aussie doesn't really have an identity of its own..its all rojak. Went to the Tim Burton exhibition and that was about it. The rest of my week was spent at home with my cousins. It made me realise how fast time has passed. From attempting to ride bikes in Singapore to petting deers in Lake Gardens and alas talking about relationships at the comfort of her heated room. Not gonna blog about what we talked about but who knew having a guy in your life could be that....challenging and time consuming :O
My friend whom I met for dinner at Melbourne also recently had a dude so she fills me on the details about gross stuff (well not gross to her) like Frencies and Hickeys. And woahhh, i never really knew how hickeys were formed until now thanks to ... .... :P Basically sounds like you're neck is making out with a vacuum cleaner. And having another person's saliva and tongue in your mouth doesn't sound so appealing either, with the teeth clashing and what not. But she assured me by saying "the first time was weird and then it gets better....just have to get used to it" And my reaction would be _____________________________________________urrrhuhhh...????....????

Guess its the kinda thing that people have to experience to find it appealing. But wow, that was and interesting talk. Sigh they are all so experienced now :P

My last day at Melbourne ended with my cousin and I singing loudly in the car to Kanye West's Gold Digger and Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. We had quite a laugh there while our mums were quitely listening. Good things had to come to an end when I hugged my cousin goodbye, tring to hold back the tears. As long as I can remember, even when she lived in Singapore, saying goodbye took a bucket full of tears as I was crying on the way back home. Friends may come and go but cousins are forever
♥ ٩(~.~)۶ ♥

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