Friday, April 23, 2010

English Test

IELTS is tomorrow. Haven't been writing essays for a year..I am so dead! Sooo, what do I do? Write on my bloggg!! At least by exercising my brain now, I would not be at a lost for words when writing the essay :P Smart cookieee...not!
Ok so what they usually ask to write are stuff that I am completely clueless about, like the governement, technology and all the topics that grown ups are supposed to know. These essay topics are literally meant for uni graduates.

Ok, I will now attempt to test my own knowledge about the world today.
Lets talk about, the importance in training for work than just a broad based education (got it from my IELTS book)
Ok............u need to train for workkk cuzzzzz..... it allows u to gain more experience on how to deal with people. Ummmm, people can be hard to deal with sometimes so training them to handle situations that involves customer service would allow them to build up their comunication skills and their people skills. (I hope that is a valid point)
Training is also important in medicine as it would allow students to improve on their clinical skills. They will be able to handle real life situations and also express their sympathy towards patients.
Oh crabby cakes..........i dont know what a broad based education really means -.-

Next essay topic,
Business education and training today must promote environmental awareness.
Lets i dunno what that is all about -.- Time to tembak.. The environment plays an important role in a balanced ecosystem...if the enviroment is polluted, there is a limited chance of survival in animals and even humans. For example, when managing a business that involves the usage of depleting resources like trees (are trees even a depleting resource?!?!), a business man should also plan to plant the trees that have been cut down. Business educations should emphasise on the importance of using renewable resources....ummmm...and how to manage waste...

Ok, i am gonna sleep now....I can't bare to do this anymore :( Besides, I have to wake up at 7 am ON A SATURDAY, just for the test......... =S Wish me luck! Although I am not much of a lucky person, but i am blessed :)

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