Thursday, March 27, 2008


Man, after the exams were over, I felt like jumping up and down thinking that Mr Stress Pants, this imaginary character I made up was finally out of my was I wrong..turns out that we have another test on the second week of April! Aahhh, only the Arctic Monkeys can save me now with their Brit accents and their electric guitar strummings...I was practically dying when I found out about my add maths is the lowest I've ever gotten and I feel so stuuupid! One thing for sure is my parents wont be too happy about my results... And the worst thing was, I studied the hardest for that subject...Aaaaah! i am sooo gonna make myself get an A this time so that I won't feel this bad for the rest of my life!
I went for the SLAD meeting today at 4Utarid which was my previous class last year.A pang of nostalgia hit me as I found my long forgotten class table where I used to doodle all kinds of nonsence on it. To my surprise, most of the doodles I drew were still there.. such as the Chelsea logo, the perfume bottle and the man with a hot body. Although the Chelsea Logo had sucks written on top if it, the new owner of my long forgotten table really took care of my sketches and drawings ...props to him for that..also, the words 'ManU is much 10000 times better than Chelsea' written by a friend who used to sit in front of me were still beaming on the table...ahhhh, those good old days seem so distant now since everyones moving forward....don't I wish I had a time machine right about now...

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