Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Cameras, cameras, smile, smile, click, click, picture..thats what I was involved in at school for the whole day.. the big Picture Day finally came and my job was to bring the students to the photo shoot and ask them to button up their baju kurung, straighten their ties and blahblahblah! Oh, and did I mention that I accidentally stepped on barf as I was too engrossed with my duty..yeah, thank goodness I didnt smell like other people's puke cuz puke and sweat will equal to more madness! Well, it was pretty fun doing that, being in charge and telling juniors what to do..though the screams of teachers stressed me out a bit.. The best thing was, I got to see some cute guys at the same time! No, they are not from my form and I'm a senior so sorry to say that I'm checking out younger guys.. I know, tisk tisk of me but I cant help it! There aren't any cute guys in my form so I'm forced to do this.. Come on, a girl needs eye candy sometimes!

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